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ITS - Industrial Turbine Services GmbH

ITS Headquarters AustriaITS is an international provider of new systems and solutions for automation and visualization for operators of industrial gas turbines. Innovative products and worldwide customer satisfaction has turned ITS into a driving company that ensures its international success through flexibility, creative thinking and exclusive quality.

The Flame Scanner Systems by ITS have been designed for operation on GE Frames 5,6,7 and 9 or comparable heavy Industrial Gas Turbines. They rely on proven technologies to realize the flame analysis as efficiently as possible. It is one of the expensive consumable parts, on which the reliable operation of a gas turbine is depending. It functions as a sensing device to detect and indicate if flames are burning or ignition has been lost. The main control system is programmed to react on these signals from the Flame Scanners to maintain the reliable operation and safety.

For over a decade now, thousands of Flame Scanners made by ITS have been installed and used successfully in gas turbines by multiple operators all over the world.

ITS - Headquarters Austria

ITS Flame Scanner ProductionA large proportion of the production is based at ITS Group Headquarters, easily accessible located between Munich and Vienna. Short distances to technical development, sales and administration are a basis for the well known flexibility of ITS.

Here in Steyrermühl (Laakirchen), ITS produces the entire Flame Scanner Family, including the:

Silicon Carbide (SiC) Flame Scanner ITS 184x0254m029  ⇨
Silicon Carbide (SiC) Flame Scanner ITS 184x0254m123  ⇨
Tube Type Flame Scanner ITS 967X7179M372  ⇨
Tube Type Flame Scanner ITS 967X7179M379  ⇨

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Our History at a Glance

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2001  Foundation of Industrial Turbine Services GmbH Austria

Since its foundation ITS is a center of excellence for all matters concerning industrial gas turbines. Innovative products and customer satisfaction have turned ITS into a thriving company that ensures its international success through flexibility, creative thinking and high-end quality.  ITS - Industrial Turbine Services GmbH Website  ⇨

TMOS - Start of development. TMOS was introduced initially as an operator interface, engineering workstation and data logging for the Power Generation Industry to interface with the turbine control systems. It also provides diagnostic and analytical tools for the power generation processes.

With its unmatched performance, high reliability and ease of functionality, TMOS has proved to be more popular than the original operator interface supplied by the OEM of the turbine.  TMOS SCADA Website  ⇨

2003  Start of Development of Geiger-Mueller Principle Tube Type Flame Scanning Devices

ITS responds to the increasing need of high quality, reliable and rapidly available equivalent for OEM Parts.  Flame Scanner ITS 967X7179M372  ⇨

MACH7 - Start of development. The original design of the MACH7 control panel was meant as a direct replacement for a General Electric gas turbine control type. This system is not limited only to General Electric gas turbines, but can also be applied to other manufactures or as a compact unit for the balance of plant equipment.

2004  Foundation of Industrial Turbine Services GmbH Germany

In 2004, after 3 years of building and establishing our business in Austria we took the decision to open a satellite office in Germany. We service many power plants in that area, and with being located in close proximity to them it enables us to provide quality service and ongoing support.

2005  Certification in Compliance with ISO 9001:2000

In 2005 we sought to certify our products and systems in accordance with the ISO standards. This afforded us even more credibility with our already established customers.

2007  Foundation of Industrial Turbine Services GmbH Malaysia

With expanding our reach to Malaysia we opened up a platform to respond to the specifications of the Asian markets. There are many dated power plants still present in this region, we found that to deal with the special requirements that they pose it would be best practice to create a direct line by opening a local point of contact.

With our office in Kuala Lumpur we work in direct accordance with our Malaysian counterparts to tend to our customers needs.

2009  The Start of Development of Online Combustion Monitoring

Online Combustion Monitoring is the high resolution and fast measurement of pressure variations in the combustion chamber. After the online FFT analyses of collected data, the frequency curves allow detailed diagnostics of the combustion process.

This information can be used for early detection of damage to the combustion chamber or on the tuning processes on the exhaust gas and its emissions.

2010  New Silicon Carbide (SiC) Photo Diode Flame Scanner

Development and successful market introduction of the new ITS Flame Scanner with SiC technology.  Flame Scanner ITS 184X0254M029  ⇨

2011   Start of Development of TMOS SCADA

Ever since TMOS has been on the market, the design team never stops developing and adding improvements, new interfacing possibilities and new advanced features. Today, TMOS is a feature-packed, user friendly, robust and multi-connective system. Thanks to its flexibility and scalability, TMOS has been renamed as TMOS SCADA to better reflect its true capability.  TMOS SCADA Website  ⇨

2013   TMOS SCADA V6

The TMOS system was divided from single executables to an independent server and client structure. The result: the transmission is now realized in a low level TCP/IP communication, without usage of operating system protocols.

Direct communication between different/multiple operating systems and embedded systems are now realized. There are redundant connections between more than 2 Servers. This provides an optimized and independent communication structure for a large remote environment and better scalability to fulfill the customer’s individual needs.  TMOS SCADA Website  ⇨

2015   Certification in Compliance with EN ISO 9001:2008, OHSAS 18001:2007, SCC*:2011

In 2015 we decided to further verify our standards by obtaining a more advanced level of the ISO certification. We also received two other reputable certifications checking and certifying our management and production quality as well as ensuring that the company is in line with international occupational health and safety regulations.

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What people say about us:

"We are operating 2 GE Frame 9E gas turbines. We have started using ITS flame detector P/N: ITS967X7179M379 since Feb. 2009 and the performance of ITS flame detector have been up to our satisfaction (higher intensity count and better reliability) so far as compared to the Honeywell. I would certainly recommend other GE Frame 9E power plant operators to replace existing Honeywell flame detector with ITS flame detector."

Sridaran Ramakrishnan, Asst. Manager, Pahlawan Power Sdn Bhd

Representative List of Customers

Thousands of our Flame Scanners are in use by our Partners worldwide for many years now. We pride ourselves on providing quality products and services with excellent support.

Every customer that we have had the pleasure of working with receives an exceptional level of care and enthusiasm – almost certain to guarantee a long reliable relationship. Heard it before? We encourage all clients to carefully review our client list and contact our references. We practice what we preach, and it shows. We have a long list of happy customers and we can't wait to share them with you.

Below is just a sample of the many companies relying on ITS Flame Scanners and Accessory Parts every day. Explore our customers and their successes.

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