Frequently asked Questions for ITS Flame Scanners

The following are the answers to the questions most frequently asked by our customers

  1. Are your Flame Scanners interchangeable with the OEM’s?  ⇨
  2. I currently use OEM parts. Why would I want to switch to an after-market parts (AMP) specialist?  ⇨
  3. Which ITS Flame Scanner replaces my OEM part?  ⇨
  4. How long does my warranty last?  ⇨
  5. Do I need to keep my sales receipt?  ⇨
  6. Will there be any hidden charges/payments?  ⇨
  7. Can I pay by PayPal? What is the procedure?  ⇨
  8. What about shipping costs?  ⇨
  9. I expect to need parts at a later date. Will you stock them with a purchase order readily available?  ⇨
  10. Where are ITS Flame Scanners manufactured?  ⇨
  11. What is the price and discount philosophy for Flame Scanners from ITS?  ⇨
  12. What is the difference between the Flame Scanner ITS 967X7179M372 and ITS 967X7179M379?  ⇨
  13. Is it possible to use a SiC-Flame Scanner (184X0254M-Series) instead of a Tube-Flame Scanner (967X7179M-Series)?  ⇨
  14. What is the difference between the Flame Scanner ITS 184X0254M029 and ITS 184X0254M123?  ⇨
  15. Are the connections identical to those of the OEM part?  ⇨
  16. The original flame scanner has only 3 pins inside the plug. Do the accessory parts from ITS fit to this?  ⇨
  17. Where can I find detailed information about ATEX and IECEx certification product marking?  ⇨

1. Are your Flame Scanners interchangeable with the OEM’s?

Yes - All of our Flame Scanners are a 100% interchangeable with OEM parts. They can be installed on the turbine without any modification to the mechanics or electronics. The curve of the output signal is identical to the OEM part. You can exchange the flame scanner without effort. The differences are that there is a higher quality steel used and more precise lenses made ​​out of fused silica. This increases the long-term stability of the measurement.

Each flame scanner is tested in our factory. The test results are assigned to the serial number of the flame scanner and will be archived for comparative purposes.

2. I currently use OEM parts, why would I want to switch to an After-Market Parts (AMP) specialist?

Three main reasons: cost effectiveness, delivery times and customer service. We are able to offer higher quality products and you don’t have to pay for the OEMs name.

Our parts are guaranteed to meet your expectations at a justifiable price. But lower prices do not mean lower quality. All ITS Flame Scanners are individually inspected to ensure maximum operating efficiency. To you, this means same day shipping of your frequently ordered parts in smaller amounts. Larger quantities are manufactured according to order and will be shipped far below common market delivery times.

To ensure excellent customer service, we have on-site technicians, machinists, and engineers to answer all of your questions relating to operations, installation and applications.

3. Which ITS Flame Scanner replaces my OEM part?

Any OEM manufacturer uses its own part number system. To find the right ITS Flame Scanner easily, use our Flame Scanner part number conversion assistant, take a look at the Designation Comparison chart or view the Technical Information Letters.

More information can be found on the product pages ITS 967X7179M372, ITS 967X7179M379 and ITS 184X0254M029 or on the Find your Part Number Page.

4.How long does my warranty last?

Your ITS warranty begins from the date you purchased the product. Under normal use and service for a period of two years from the date of purchase or three years from the date of production, whichever is earlier.

5. Do I need to keep my sales receipt?

In most cases, the serial number of your product will be sufficient to confirm your product entitlement to warranty cover. However, you should always retain your product receipt in case there is any query over warranty cover. Your receipt should include the serial number of the product to which it applies.

6. Will there be any hidden charges/payments?

No, what you see is what you pay.

7. Can I pay by PayPal? What is the procedure?

What is your Paypal-ID?

Our Paypal-ID is:

How to transfer money via Paypal?

  1. Log into your PayPal account
  2. Select „Send & Request“ from the submenu
  3. Enter the email address „“ then click next
  4. Enter the amount to be paid
  5. Select the currency „EUR“
  6. Select the option that says: “paying for an item or service”
  7. Please add the invoice number and/or your customer ID as a note
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Why was our payment to your company rejected?

We apologize for the inconvenience. We have requested guidance on the issue from our local Paypal service team and they advised us with the following:  a transfer can only be denied from the SENDER and the recipient of a transfer cannot action a denial.

  1. The available Paypal credit is less than the amount needed for the payment.
  2. The payment is more than the available limit on the credit card used for the transaction.
  3. The payment is more than the available funds in the bank account used for the transaction.
  4. The bank has denied the transfer because they suspect the transaction might be connected to criminal activity or something to that effect.

The Paypal service operator has suggested you to contact Paypal support directly to get more information regarding the transfer in question, furthermore it is advisable that you contact your bank for more answers on this matter.

If you would still like to proceed with  the order please use the regular wire transfer  method for the payment.

You will find our  bank account details printed at the bottom right corner of the invoice. This is our company’s preferred method of receiving payment and we would ask that you always use this option as your first choice.

8. What about shipping costs?

We hold accounts with many shipping companies in order to give you the most timely and cost-effective shipping. Our shipping and customs experts are available to work with you in assuring a trouble-free purchase and delivery experience. We offer expedited shipping, air shipping, as well as regular ground service. Whatever the urgency of your order is, we can meet your shipping needs.

9. I expect the parts at a later date. Will you stock them with a purchase order so they are readily available for me?

Yes. We offer all of our customers the luxury of having any and all ordered items stocked free of charge.

10. Where are the ITS Flame Scanners manufactured?

The ITS associated development and manufacturing facility is located in Austria. All specific European industrial standards for development, production and after sales support are considered.

11. What is the price and discount philosophy for the Flame Scanners from ITS?

Our prices are based on market realities. We distinguish between the Final Customer, Reseller-1 and Reseller-2 (Sold over 100 Flame Scanners in the last 12 months).
The price graduations for Final Customers are 1-3, 4-10, 11-50 pieces per order. For Reseller-1 and Reseller-2: 1-10, 11-20, 21-50 and >50 pieces per order.

12. What is the difference between Flame Scanner ITS 967X7179M372 and ITS 967X7179M379 part number?

The only difference is the cable length: ITS 967X7179M372 - 4.9 m (16 ft) and ITS 967X7179M379 - 18.6 m (61 ft). Everything else is identical.
For detailed information note the Technical Information Letters.

13. Is it possible to use a SiC-Flame Scanner instead of a Tube-Flame Scanner?

967X7179M-Series Flame Scanner are based on tubes (Geiger Müller Principe) for detecting the UV-radiation. This is an older technology which can only be used for some years and than it has to be replaced because the gas diffuses out of the tube and the UV-detection get worse and worse. The newer technology and also recommended technology by GE is SiC-based flame detection as used in our 184X0254M-Series. This technology comes with a further improvement because the output signal fits to common electrical regulations as it represents the detected UV intensity as a 4-20mA signal instead of the high voltage signal from the other type.

On older systems an amplifier from Honeywell is needed to connect the flame scanner to the plc (Mark IV, Mark V, ...) and this amplifier generates the flame on / flame of signal which is used in the control sequence.

It is possible to change this system to the new recommended SiC-based technology. But this is not possible without some smaller modifications. We are able to deliver an almost complete conversion set to fulfill this request. The set contains the flame scanner, protection cable, fittings for the cable protection and a converter for the sensor signal.

The only thing you have to organize yourself is the needed 24V power supply, if it isn't already available. With this method you don't have to change anything on your control sequence.

The second option is the usage of a "mA" Input coil on the plc (if available). In this case you have to modify the control sequence because you need to create the flame on/off logic signal with a compare block and a constant for the UV-detection limit which represent flame on/off.

View details

14. What is the difference between Flame Scanner ITS 184X0254M029 and ITS 184X0254M123 part number?

The Flame Scanner ITS 184x0254m029 is supposed to be used in an atmosphere which is normally not hazardous, this is the regular field of usage for a flame scanner on an industrial gas turbine.

The Flame Scanner ITS 184x0254m123 is supposed to be used in an atmosphere which may be sometimes hazardous. For a save operation special requirements for electronic systems are needed. To fulfill this requirements, we are using a special designed Flame Scanner as well as a safety barrier and certified power supplies. A notified body audits the manufacturer and reviews the product regarding the appropriate explosion prevention regulations. The supply voltage is limited to 30 VDC.

15. Are the connections identical to those of the OEM part?

Yes. The appropriate ITS Flame Scanner can be installed without changes to the machine. The mounting interface on the combustion chamber is 3/4" NPT inner thread, the mounting interface for conduit system is 1" NPT outer thread, the front side wrench diameter is 44 mm /1,75", the back side wrench diameter is 38 mm /1,5 ".

Video Icon   Video Tutorial Flame Scanner Set - Conversion ITS 184X0251M961

16. The original Flame Scanner has only 3 pins inside the plug. Do the accessory parts from ITS fit to this?

100% - Reuter-Stokes use 3 pins (+/-/GND) on the same position because all manufacturers use a strictly defined military based connector called “MIL-DTL 38999 Series III 038999/27Y-15-05PN 1041 B Thread”.

This connector is delivered as a 5 pin connector on both parts (male and female). The unused pins are manually removed on the Reuter-Stokes product. We decided to leave them there because of a better protection for the flame scanner and to prevent them from micro destruction. The female side which complies to the MIL-specification is also delivered with 5 female jacks but only 3 wires are connected.

Our products fit a 100% to the Reuter-Stokes product and can be used as a replacement without any issues.

17. Where can I find detailed information about ATEX and IECEx certification product marking?

When electronic or electrical equipment of any type is intended for use in a hazardous area, the equipment must be ATEX certified as required by the ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU.

Specific explanations of the ATEX markings on ITS products can be found in the following document:

ITS ATEX Information Download   ITS ATEX Information and FAQs (2,5 MB)  ⇨

Note: This document is for information only and does not form part of any offer or contract. It cannot take into account all the possible circumstances of a particular installation; the ultimate responsibility for safety remains with the end user. Expert guidance should be sought before placing into service, maintaining or repairing any item of equipment in a potentially explosive atmosphere. If there is any doubt at all, seek specific expert advise on the particular problem.

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