Flame Scanner ITS 184X0254M029 for Gas Turbines

State of the Art technology using a silicon carbide (SiC) photo diode for maximum system reliability

This ITS Flame Scanner (replacement for GE Part Number: 362A1052P105, RS-FS-9001 etc.) with Silicon Carbide (SiC) Photodiode is compatible with a wide range of industrial fuels, such as natural gas, kerosene, diesel, oil, and mixtures thereof. It was specially developed for the requirements in the environment of gas turbines. Special emphasis was placed on rapid response, accuracy, vibration resistance and durability = system sensor flame detector.

In addition to the flame ON / OFF display, the data output provides real time information as required, for combustion/burner management systems of flame intensity.

Principle of Operation

The silicon carbide (SiC) photo diode is very sensitive to the longer wavelength components of the UV light generated through a flame. This longer wavelength light penetrates the fog of oil quite well and therefore the SiC based sensor is more sensitive to the presence of flames.This flame sensor utilizing the SiC photo diode is being produced by ITS Industrial Turbine Services and has been successfully operated on a wide number of gas turbine installations.

This ITS Flame Scanner replaces the following OEM Parts in the full scope:

Flame Scanner ITS 184X0254M-Series for Gas Turbines

GE Part No.:


Reuter-Stokes Part No.:


Powmat Part No.:

CFB 2501-104

Ametek Part No.:

Spectra GT30

Nuovo Pignone Part No.:

PRO 00148

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This Flame Scanner is supposed to be used in an atmosphere which is normally not hazardous, this is the regular field of usage for a flame scanner on an industrial gas turbine.

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Documents for the Flame Scanner ITS 184X0254M029

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Water Cooling System for Flame Scanner ITS 184X0254M029    ITS 184X0251M621 - Water Cooling Coil

The Flame Scanner can be operated safely on an operating temperature up to 150°C (302°F). When using our Water Cooling System ITS 184X0251M621, the temperature range increases up to 235°C (455°F).

The cooling coil is built from stainless steel which ensures that it is able to bear high temperatures which in turn allows for the Flame Scanner to function accurately for a longer period of time. The Equipment can also be used for applications requiring a lower temperature class.

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Accessory Parts for the Flame Scanner ITS 184X0254M029    Accessory Parts Icon

Comprehensive expansion of the operational spectrum - A wide range of accessories expands the possibilities to use this Flame Scanner. We have developed a Water Cooling System which can expand the operational temperature range of the Flame Scanner. It consists of a Water Cooling Coil, which prevents the electronics in the Flame Scanner to exceed its temperature limit.

For the Flame Scanner Cable, which is the linkage between the Flame Scanner and the Junction Box, is a Protection System available. It consists of a metal hose and a stainless steel connector.

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Pre Configured Sets for the Flame Scanner ITS 184X0254M029    Accessory Parts Icon

Our coordinated sets contain everything you need for the improvement of your flame scanning device. We’ve pre-configured our Flame Scanner ITS 184X0254M-Series sets with our most popular accessories and add-ons to make your buying decision easy. Click the button to learn more!

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Videos and Tutorials

Video Icon   Flame Scanner Change from Geiger-Mueller Tube to Silicon Carbide (SiC) Photo Diode System on GE MarkV Turbine Control  ⇨

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Renowned Technical University recommends this ITS Flame Scanner as OEM Part

Flame Scanners from all well known manufacturers have been tested by the University of California, Berkeley USA. The Flame Scanner from ITS has been mentioned as a recommendation! For more information, please contact us:


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