Flame Scanner ITS 967X7179M379 for Gas Turbines

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This Flame Scanner (replacement for Honeywell LG1093AA26, GE Part Number 261A1812P013 etc.) is designed to detect the ultraviolet radiation emitted by a hydrocarbon flame and produce a number of pulse outputs which corresponds to the intensity of the ultraviolet radiation. The control system will determine whether there is flame or no flame, based on a programmable threshold setting.

Principle of Operation

The detector utilizes an ultraviolet sensitive cold cathode tube which operates on the Geiger-Mueller Principle. The detection tube is gas filled and contains an anode and a cathode to which voltage is applied. Normally the gas insulates and no current is drawn. When ultraviolet rays in a wavelength of 1850 to 2600 Angstroms reach the tube they force the gas to emit electrons, creating ionized particles within the tube.

As the number of ionized particles begin to increase, an electrical current will flow between the electrodes. As long as ultraviolet rays continue to reach the detection tube, a pulsed electrical signal is generated.

This ITS Flame Scanner replaces the following OEM Parts in the full scope:

Flame Scanner ITS 967X7179M379 for Gas Turbines

GE Part No.:


Honeywell Part No.:


Nuovo Pignone Part No.:

  PRO 56028

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This Flame Scanner is supposed to be used in an atmosphere which may be sometimes hazardous. For a save operation special requirements for the electronic systems may be needed.

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Exceptionally Flexible Protection System for Flame Scanner Cables    ITS 184X0251M621 - Water Cooling Coil

The flame scanner cable is one of the most delicate attachment parts on a gas turbine. The cable protection system of the OEM manufacturer is very clunky and impractical to handle. The cable protection system from ITS is the most lightest, most flexible and easiest to handle system with maximum protection available on the market.

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Accessory Parts for the Flame Scanner ITS 967X7179M379    Accessory Parts Icon

Comprehensive expansion of the operational spectrum - A wide range of accessories expands the possibilities to use this Flame Scanner. We have developed a Water Cooling System which can expand the operational temperature range of the Flame Scanner. It consists of a Water Cooling Coil, which prevents the electronics in the Flame Scanner to exceed its temperature limit.

For the Flame Scanner Cable, which is the linkage between the Flame Scanner and the Junction Box, is a Protection System available. It consists of a metal hose and a stainless steel connector.

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Pre Configured Sets for the Flame Scanner ITS 967X7179M379    Accessory Parts Icon

Our coordinated sets contain everything you need for the improvement of your flame scanning device. We’ve pre-configured our Flame Scanner ITS 967X7179M-Series sets with our most popular accessories and add-ons to make your buying decision easy. Click the button to learn more!

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