GE 362A1052P003 Flame Detector Replacement

Flame Scanner ITS 184X0254M029

ITS 184X0254M-Series on a Gas Turbine
Flame Scanner ITS 184X0254M029 on Gas Turbine - Flexible Cable Protection System installed.

Your Advantage with Flame Scanners from ITS

Our products are developed from the latest technology and we are routinely advancing on our discoveries. For this product we also supply accessory parts that are entirely new to the market, such as a new developed Water Cooling System and a Conversion Set for Mark V. These parts are available for selected Flame Scanner products by ITS exclusively!

We provide exactly what you are looking for but in a higher quality, at a better price and with faster delivery times.

  • In-House Manufacturing
  • State of the Art Technology
  • Highly efficient Water Cooling System available
  • Flexible Cable Protecting System available
  • Real Time Support
  • Ready to Ship within 24 Hours
  • Competitive Price
Flame Scanner ITS 184X0254M-Series in open Box

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Note: All ITS flame scanner products are compatible with your gas turbines without modification!

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